We care about small businesses and the huge contribution they make to our economy and their own success. Small businesses are the foundation of our communities in large cities and especially small towns and rural areas. We also believe that protecting the digital presence of a business has a direct impact on the ecosystem as a whole. Business gets done when customers have trust. Business is sustained when supply chains are reliable. At ForceNow, we provide that assurance business owners need to confidently engage with their customers, suppliers and communities. ForceNow is your cyber force, now.


Co-Founder Partner

Rear Admiral Hank Bond (US Navy, Ret.) served nearly 32 years on active duty in the US Navy driving nuclear submarines, operating and defending US Navy and joint information technology networks afloat and ashore. He also served in command and in senior staff positions at home and abroad with extensive executive experience in command and control of cyberspace operations. He has worked more than 6 years in the private cybersecurity marketplace serving clients in the public and private sector. He enjoys living in Colorado’s Front Range.


Co-Founder Partner

Jonathan Steenland served as the first Chief Information Security Officer at Fujitsu, where he was responsible for developing strategic security programs for Fujitsu’s global business, which includes 500 companies and 170,000 employees across 100 countries. He also served as Chief Strategy Officer for the National Cybersecurity Center and has been a co-founder and C-level executive for several successful cybersecurity startups. Jonathan is passionate about innovation, entrepreneurship, and developing the next generation of cybersecurity leaders. He enjoys the Colorado outdoor adventures.